Atom is the bomb!

I decided to give Atom, “the hackable editor”, a try since I was jealous the minute I seen a new editor was going to be available and it was released for everyone except windows users. Initial thoughts are that its just another editor but I like the subtle¬†differences.

I particularly like how the packages work. It is so fast to find one you need, add it and then immediately start using it.

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The most recent package I’ve tried out is the Markdown Preview. I had to write something in a Trello comment and keep some kind of formatting and order to it. So without pasting my code into Trello every 2 mins to check my syntax is correct, I could just enable the Markdown Preview window which showed up on the right hand side. It updates as you type so you get instant feedback and can try things out. I know this might sound simple but for never having used Markdown before now it was definitely needed. It’s the little packages like this that will make this editor better than the rest.

Other editors such as notepad++ and sublime are probably just as good and can do the same job. I’ve used notepad++ a lot and it may be on purpose but it looks a lot more dated than any of the editors out there. The plugins on notepad++ also have a clunky interface compared to atom. I can’t comment too much on sublime but from what I’ve read it may stop being supported which gives atom the upper hand. I’m not going to say too much as this may just be another new toy at the moment.

Let me know your thoughts on the best editor out there. Aso, if you’ve used any good packages in atom or want to share your opinion on this please comment below!

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