What I am learning now

Earlier I wrote a post about how I wanted to move towards web technology and what I planned to learn next. I’m glad to say I have learnt a lot since then but not quite what I was expecting.

At the start of the year I changed roles at work and joined the mobile team. I have always been into mobile but never thought I could have the opportunity to do it for a living. Having come from a desktop development background using C# and SQL server mostly it was a challenge to retrain, but one I was up for!

We use a JavaScript based cross platform SDK, Appcelerator Titanium with Alloy MVC framework, to build mobile apps. I’ve found this very simple to pick up and learn the basics although it does take time to “think mobile” and not desktop. E.g. we need to assume on the mobile devices that we may not have internet connection so we tend to sync data onto the device and work locally as much as we can.

A few months on I’ve delivered my first module for our apps and now feel confident that I can produce quality apps. Here’s some of the skills I’ve picked up in the last 6 months:

  • JavaScript
  • Titanium SDK
  • Alloy MVC Framework
  • JS libraries such as Underscore and Backbone
  • Jasmine unit test framework

That’s all for now, I just wanted to revisit a previous post and update my progress. All I can say is that sometimes things don’t go to plan but just keep moving forward and learn new things!

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