What I’m going to learn next

So far in my career I’ve sort of been pushed down the desktop route with C# and Oracle and SQL Server. Since starting my new job and realising the focus in the technology it made me think that perhaps I should consider retraining myself towards web development. It just seems that a lot of the jobs in the local area are focused on digital media. I’m not saying that desktop will go away but it looks like all new projects will begin with web, and desktop might be more of a maintenance / bug fixing role. This is just my opinion!

So far my list of things to read up on are:

  • ASP.net
  • MVC 4/5
  • Javascript
  • JQuery
  • Backbone (or another similar library)

I feel getting the basics of these topics would give me a good grounding to be able to contribute on a project and even start my own personal projects.

When it comes to learning new things, I first turn to Pluralsight as it tends to have a good range of courses and it can be done in modules.

I’ll keep updates on my progress!

If you have anything to add, please comment below. Is there something I am missing from my list?


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