TiNy CLI – Titanium Productivity Tool

I recently found a tool by Fokke Zandbergen called TiNy CLI which has made life a lot easier for me in Titanium development. It allows you to use less keystrokes when building your apps.

I found it simple to set up and use. I went from using large build commands to using a single command and parameter. Here’s an example of the old way and the new way using TiNy CLI.

ti build --device-id xxxFE03B-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-BB22B1234xxx --platform ipad

tn ipad-retina

First you have to generate recipes by running

tn generate

You can list recipes using

tn list

And if you see a recipe name you don’t like you can rename it using

tn rename oldname newname

I had to use rename to change my android emulator name and make it shorter

I recommend giving it a shot if you use the CLI to build your apps!

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